SuperLumin offers relevant and affordable solutions that remove strain and downtime from networks while securing and managing data.

Technology has been entering the classroom at such a rapid pace that IT infrastructures are struggling to keep up. The use of interactive presentations, apps, videos, graphics and other audio visual elements have proven to be an effective and engaging way for students and teachers to learn but they can cause bottlenecks and network downtime.

Colleges and higher education have an additional set of challenges. Networks can easily be tested by users connecting to the internet on any number of devices at massive degrees. With the rapid rise of virtual and online classes and lectures, any disruption or traffic spikes can lead to students being unable to submit assignments or accessing course material.

Don’t jeopardize your student’s education. Improve performance and reduce costs by connecting with SuperLumin.

SuperLumin stops the traffic burdens by offering education specific solutions that are easy to install, configure and operate. Perfect for schools built on legacy hardware and networks, or schools in areas with low network connectivity, SuperLumin meets the needs of students, teachers and network administrators. Here’s how:


Networks can store frequently accessed content such as videos, applications and files locally for future retrieval, so subsequent requests are served faster, directly from your network.


SuperLumin can help administrators manage the content users can view by setting policies and rules in our software application.


We let you control where and how your bandwidth is being used.