Retailers & Grocers

Digitizing resources increases bandwidth requirements for retail locations. Customer Wifi, Online pickup, digital stock, employee handheld devices, customer kiosks, digital signage, metric recording devices, POS systems, and many other use cases are requiring retailers to increase their bandwidth. SuperLumin can accelerate all applications and content for improved employee and customer experiences.


Improve In-Store Experience

Enhance both employee and customer engagement


Speed up Mobile Devices

Accelerate curbside tablets to in-store price checkers


Train Without Limits

Alleviate bandwidth spikes when conducting online training


Real-Time Analysis

View content performance data to gain insights on customers

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The limited human intervention in media content distribution on a day to day basis is the biggest win not only for our IT team that manages it but also the store employees who no longer have to make phone calls and submit feedback for missing content

Kathleen Richins

Satellite Network Manager, Safeway

Alleviate the Pain Points


Too many same files are downloaded from origin servers using up valuable band


Need better control over caching sensitive user data such as PII data


Increased traffic from mobile devices adding to bandwidth usage


Poor customer experience due to excessive wait time for content to load

World Class Technologies


Accelerate all types of content - from HD to 4k videos, HTML5, and more


Object level content positioning and control


Central point of remote administration for thousands of servers or locations


High performance caching for on-site application

Today’s digital retail experience demands an eCDN solution with next-generation policy engine to handle the distribution of content to all the different applications and devices in a variety of file formats. With its modular architecture, design to grow and adapt to the ever changing needs of retail and grocers worldwide, SuplerLumin makes the complex tasks easy.

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