Sharepoint & Microsoft 365

Application speed and load times matter when it comes to engagement — content with longer load time has higher bounce rates and leads to user disengagement. SuperLumin’s eCDN handles large static or dynamic rich media files, making it the ideal solution to accelerate the performance of all Microsoft cloud applications and content delivery.


Eliminate Sharepoint Lag

Identify large files that can cached to improve download speed


Real Collaboration

Provides a faster, richer quality experience


Alleviate Network Congestion

Leverage existing bandwidth, no need to upgrade


Scale Microsoft 365

Improve usage of all Microsoft products, from Office to Yammer


Take Full Control

Configure how content is delivered while keeping costs low


The benefit of the content acceleration solution to our enterprise communication has been twofold — it has not only eliminated buffering issues that our end users were previously experiencing, but it also significantly contributed to bandwidth cost savings.

Brian Eikenberry

Engineering Team, Albertsons

Alleviate the pain points


Not getting enough productivity out of Microsoft 365 investment


Scarce WAN bandwidth to gain access to mission-critical content


Additional bandwidth is a costly, unnecessary expense


Rising performance-related complaints from employees

World Class Technologies


Dynamic Caching

Decrease overall volume of content moving over your network


Intelligent Technology

Identify frequently requested content and stores it on a local device for faster access


Improve User Experience

Delivery the right content in less than a second


Uncompromising Speed

Content reaching end users a thousand times faster than over the Internet

SuperLumin provides a faster, richer quality experience for Microsoft cloud application users. Leveraging the most advanced technology available to minimize bandwidth consumption, SuperLumin’s content acceleration and caching solution eliminates unnecessary network infrastructure and relieves network congestion.

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