Accelerate Content Moving Over Your Network

Significantly improve network performance in any environment and reduce frustrating wait times. SuperLumin content acceleration and caching solutions optimize delivery of content such as Office 365 applications, live streams and rich media.


Accelerate Video Delivery for Microsoft Stream

Superlumin Content Accelerator provides multicasting and caching delivery for Microsoft Stream live on-demand events

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Streamline Content Delivery

Application speed and load times matter when it comes to engagement — content with longer load time has higher bounce rates and leads to user dissatisfaction. SuperLumin’s technology handles large static or dynamic rich media files, making it the ideal solution to accelerate the performance of all Office 365 domains.

Alleviate Network Congestion

Significantly improve network performance by decreasing the overall volume of content moving over the provider network. SuperLumin’s caching technology identifies frequently requested data and stores it on a local device, eliminating the need to repetitively transmit the same content, severely slowing down your network.

Boost Employee Engagement

Significantly improve performance by decreasing the overall volume of content moving over your network, resulting in the reduction of frustrating waiting times. SuperLumin’s caching solution provides a faster quality experience for both online and offline visitors while improving the acceleration of Office 365.


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