At Your Service

When you need to free up your internal IT staff to focus on other strategic projects, SuperLumin provides comprehensive managed services and professional services to ensure peak performance of your private or enterprise CDN.

Managed Services



Include all aspects of deploying your content delivery network and/or content acceleration services.


Data Analytics

Gather data and insights for continuous improvement to achieve a superior user experience


State-of-the-Art Policy Engine

Fine-tune acceleration services to heal bad web behavior, enhance caching, provide better security, integrate content filters, and bandwidth controls.



After deployment and implementation, training is available so you can take advantage of the powerful SuperLumin tool


24/7/365 Support

From monitoring, alerts, helpdesk to resolution, SuperLumin is committed to solving issues quickly whenever you need us.

Professional services



SuperLumin can be a part of your implementation strategy, from playing a small role to leading the entire process, depending on your need.


Custom Script

Our development team can provide unique software enhancements to produce the needed functionality.


SME at the Ready

SuperLumin expert are always involved in every engagement, committed to getting your private and eCDN solutions up and running quickly and properly.


Engage with SuperLumin consulting when it comes to caching, developing a CDN strategy, improving bandwidth utilization, or risk assessment. With over 20 years of experience in the caching and CDN industry, the goal of our consulting services is to enable you with the knowledge, insight and guidance you need to improve overall business performance.

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