Online Training

As companies and educators move their training and courses online, especially with videos and interactive functions, they find those resources are competing with other network traffic, causing congestion, high latency, and an overall poor user experience. SuperLumin eCDN addresses this problem by caching and distributing content to everyone quickly and securely with local installation, from the cloud or both.


No Interruptions

Consistently deliver high quality videos to employees and students


Auto Updates

Any content updates are automatically handled to ensure the most current content is delivered


Quick and Easy

Central content servers and edge capabilities readily available for fast deployment


Centralized Management

Using a single, easy to use interface


Instant Analytics

Gain insight into the performance of and usage

safeway2 copy

The solution has provided bandwidth savings and eliminated the buffering issues when viewing the training videos. Also, with the training available at each store, it eliminates the need to have employees travel for training which saves Safeway a lot of money.

Kathleen Richins

Satellite Network Manager, Safeway

Alleviate the Pain Points


Online learning requires high bandwidth and strong internet connection


Scaling with public CDN can be expensive


Employees and students downloading same content add unnecessary costs


Waiting for courses and videos to load creates low motivation to stay tuned in


Amount of content and users greater than bandwidth can handle

World Class Technologies


Saving Bandwidth

95% of content can be cached without accessing the origin servers


Eliminate Buffering

Removes any buffering associated with downloading rich-media files


Secure Delivery

Manage access based on user’s identity, group membership and context, as well as destination IP addresses and more


Easy Deployment

eCDN solutions that are easy to install, configure and operate

Unlike public CDN, fees are calculated by how much data is passed through their network, an enterprise CDN is a fixed fee that does not change based on data usage. That means organizations can not only see improved user experience at their locations, but they also save considerable amounts of money over time.

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