NitroCast 4.2

SuperLumin NitroCast 4.2 is the industry’s leading technology for enterprises of all sizes and scopes. NitroCast 4.2 takes caching to a new level by accelerating the latest Internet and Internet-delivered video and managing the heaviest bandwidth applications on social media sites such as Facebook™ and YouTube™. NitroCast 4.2 also has the industry’s leading high-performance Netflix™ cache.

Don’t let data loss, productivity disruption and costly regulatory fines plague your organization. Make sure you provide users and employees with secure, managed network access. NitroCast 4.2 provides a rich, powerful policy engine to define access controls. In addition to the user’s identity, group membership and context, policies can be constructed based on source or destination IP addresses, day of week and time of day, host name, access protocol, URI path or file type extension. Help maintain productivity and keep your network secure with NitroCast 4.2.

NitroCast 4.2 software works by identifying frequently requested data and storing it on a local device eliminating the need to repeatedly transmit the same content saving costs and offering an improved experience for the end user.

Decreases website
access time.

SuperLuimin’s Content Acceleration Engines save bandwidth. 95% of content can be cached without accessing the origin servers.

Not only does this minimize content download time and provide a faster response rate but it removes any buffering associated with downloading rich-media files.