Edge Computing

Eliminate a substantial portion of transit traffic from traversing through your network and core by simply intercepting and serving data from your cloud’s edge. Superlumin’s acceleration devices are placed strategically within your regional, national, or global network to dynamically cache repeated traffic to free up bandwidth.


Cloud Efficiency

Dramatically reduce repeat traffic, freeing up choke points


Cost Savings

Reduce bandwidth utilization at the core and transit networks, carrier hotels


Lower Latency

Deliver content where it is needed with lower latency than traditional cloud


Invisible Footprint

Safely implement Superlumin’s acceleration technology transparently

internet service provider revenues world report and database

As consumers demand ever-greater amounts of high-quality content over the Internet, service providers (ISPs) are finding it difficult to increase revenues while containing costs. Owing to this problem there is a need of media delivery solution

Alleviate the Pain Points


Over-the-top (OTT) content providers have outsourced the delivery of content to pure-play CDN


Traffic growth is increasing network build-out and maintenance costs


High traffic at carrier hotels limiting bandwidth that can be sold by ISPs


Increasing capacity through infrastructure upgrade is cost prohibitive

World Class Technologies


Powerful Policy Engine

Classify and cache any traffic, even “uncacheable” traffic.


Actionable Insight

Operates transparently within your network.


Fast and Reliable

Sustained throughput over 100Gbps per instance


SP Hand-off

Prevent repeat traffic from ever needing to leave or traverse through your network

In a SuperLumin accelerated network, unique content traffic flows traditionally once and subsequent requests are served at your cloud’s edge resulting in lower latency while consuming significantly less bandwidth on your cloud’s core and transit networks.

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