5G Network

As consumer usage increases and more bandwidth intensive services are migrated to edge servers, the demand on ISP throughput grows exponentially. Augment high-speed network architecture with SuperLumin’s edge dynamic caching can dramatically reduce bandwidth consumption and keep up with increased demand.


Eliminate Duplicate Traffic

Optimize your network by serving web and streaming content at the edge


Any Content

Cache nearly any kind of content or file now and in the future


Flexible Policy Engine

Identify and classify traffic for the most efficient delivery of content.


Optimize PoP Placement

Control content distribution with strategically placed PoPs for global audiences

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Live streams to multiple users are consolidated into a single stream, frequently accessed websites, imagery, HTML and scrips along with common system update files are all served directly to your subscribers at the edge without having each instance traveling through your network repeatedly.

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Engineering Stratacache

Alleviate the Pain Points


Edge traffic increases as more bandwidth intensive services are introduced


High traffic at carrier hotels limiting bandwidth that can be sold by ISPs


Increasing capacity through infrastructure upgrade is cost prohibitive


Decreased ability to monetize PoP bandwidth

World Class Technologies


Dynamic Content Management

Greatly reduce traffic between location according to your needs


Intelligent Load Balancing

Optimize edge servers for reliable and up-to-date content delivery


Fast and Available

Even when one server becomes inactive, content is automatically rerouted from next available


Powerful Policy Engine

Easily managed with a click of a button

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