Video and Streaming

Media and entertainment industry accounts for the majority of CDN usage at 34% in 2020 according to Research and Markets. As your content library grows and more users are added to your service, the use of public CDN can be costly. Superlumin’s private CDN solution can dramatically reduce transit bandwidth consumption and keep up your costs under control.

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Hybrid CDN Capable

Use with public CDN as part of your global CDN strategy


Secure Distribution

Safely distributes video to all endpoints


Flawless Performance

Deliver highest quality videos to unlimited users


Eliminate Hidden Costs

Instantly reduce your total cost of running a streaming service

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A private CDN provides a high-performance service using a secure infrastructure with dedicated servers to ensure the best quality of experience for all users.

Chris Roddick

Director of SE, Scala

Alleviate the Pain Points


More traffic at carrier hotels will limit available bandwidth for sale


Increasing capacity through infrastructure upgrade is cost prohibitive


Over reliance on external PoP means more cost


Poor download speed leads to increased subscriber dissatisfaction

World Class Technologies


Distribution Transparency

Maintain full control of where and how your content is being delivered


Easy Deployment

Modular architecture allows for easy and secure deployment


Custom PoP Locations

Deploy caching servers wherever it is needed


High Security

Maintain strict control of security on your own dedicated servers

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