Learning Management System (LMS)

Whether you are deploying LMS to your clients or an organization utilizing LMS for your employees or students, the problem is the same, any delays in downloading courses or latency will create a bad user experience. SuperLumin can help by implementing a private CDN or a multi-CDN approach to ensure that all classes and content are available without delays.


Faster Delivery

Get content downloaded quicker with edge servers


Smart Technology

Identifies frequently requested content and stores it on a local device for faster access


Manage Cost

Take advantage of a private CDN or a hybrid approach to reduce cost of pure cloud CDN


Staying Engaged

Students tune out when there’s latency; keep them engaged with instant content delivery

safeway2 copy

The solution has provided bandwidth savings and eliminated the buffering issues when viewing the training videos. Also, with the training available at each store, it eliminates the need to have employees travel for training which saves Safeway a lot of money."

Kathleen Richins

Satellite Network Manager, Safeway

Alleviate the Pain Points


More videos are used in eLearning causing more strain on bandwidth


Users lose interest in the content after a long wait time


Upgrading to higher bandwidth is not always the answer


Traffic spikes during classes or training slowing down the entire network

World Class Technologies


Fully Integrated

Accelerate any LMS with ease and efficiency


Multi-CDN Capable

Ideal for multi-CDN strategy to reduce cost


Powerful Policy Engine

Efficient caching and delivery of on-premise and cloud content for best results


Insightful Dashboard

View in real-time effectiveness of content delivery from anywhere

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