iOS/Windows Updates

Windows, IOS and Android updates - billions of users and devices around the world downloading the same secure updates often at nearly the same time causes quite a squeeze on bandwidth resources. Reduce the impact of pervasive software update traffic through your cloud with SuperLumin’s eCDN solution.

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Eliminate the Impact

Cache “uncacheable” secure updates from common providers such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, Adobe


Future Proof

Use policy engine to identify and classify any update package now and in the future


Designed to Scale

Add more apps and devices as needed without affecting performance


Better User Experience

Less lag and faster downloads means satisfied users

John F

If you could charge money for use of your network, but not have to actually use your network to fulfill the request because you have a cache, you are winning twice.

John Fuchs

Engineering Stratacache

Alleviate the Pain Points


Downloading the same updates at the same time constricts bandwidth resources


Over reliance on ISP network to haul the traffic out to the end users


Pervasive software update traffic affects all content delivery within the network


Spikes in traffic reduces core and carrier hotel bandwidth

World Class Technologies


Powerful Policy Engine

Identify and intercept repeat requests for all updates


Improve User Experience

Delivery the right content in less than a second


Uncompromising Speed

Content reaching end users a thousand times faster than over the Internet


Dynamic Caching

Decrease overall volume of content moving over your network

A deployment of SuperLumin acceleration devices virtually eliminates the impact that these routine software updates have on a carrier’s network instantly to free up bandwidth usage.

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