Hospitality, more than most industries, is feeling the effects of consumer expectations for fast, secure and reliable internet connections. Streaming video, online gaming and heavy cloud applications for business travelers are forcing IT departments in hotels, cruise lines and others within the tourism industry to find ways of keeping ahead of increased bandwidth demands.

At SuperLumin, we understand that optimizing internet access could be the difference between a satisfied or dissatisfied customer. Our technologies let you do more with the network that’s already in place by providing software and appliances for dedicated traffic management. We allow administrators full control to direct bandwidth and filter content for a more optimized network and guest experience. This means when hosting trade shows, weddings or events, hotel managers can ensure guests have seamless access to reliable and high performing internet connectivity.

42% of hotel guests insist in-room Wi-Fi is a must have.

While connectivity remains at an all-time high, don’t let poor bandwidth be the reason for bad reviews.