Digital Publishing & Gaming

Online gaming is poised to grow in the next three years at a staggering 18% annually according to Research and Markets. Digital publishing is also forecasted to grow at 10% annually per Technavio. Time to prepare for this growth with standing up your own private CDN to manage cost and build the experience your subscribers will appreciate.


Improving the Pregame Experience

Gone are the days of discs and cartridges, the pregame experience is now through downloading of extensive content


High Performance

Delivering massive files as quickly as possible is the name of the game


Location Matters

Deliver content most effectively to players in all regions


Security is Key

Gaming is the most vulnerable industry when it comes to DDoS attacks, secure against such attacks with multi-layer protection


SuperLumin's private CDN provides the highest performance for our secure infrastructure that includes edge servers to deliver the best user experience.

Mike Bell

Director of IT, Scala

Alleviate the Pain Points


More traffic at carrier hotels will limit available bandwidth for sale


Increasing capacity through infrastructure upgrade is cost prohibitive


Over reliance on external PoP means more cost


Poor download speed leads to increased subscriber dissatisfaction

World Class Technologies


Distribution Transparency

Maintain full control of where and how your content is being delivered


Easy Deployment

Modular architecture allows for easy and secure deployment


Custom PoP Locations

Deploy caching servers wherever it is needed


High Security

Maintain strict control of security on your own dedicated servers

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