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"After upgrading to SuperLumin Nemesis for the first time, our reports indicated that we rarely used over 20Mb/s of available bandwidth. We're seeing the cache grow in size over time while bandwidth consumption continues to drop, giving us the capacity for future growth that will allow students to succeed in their academic work."

-- Chris Davies, Director of IT at Epsom College

"Nemesis was easy to install, worked with our existing infrastructure, and didn't require us to purchase additional bandwidth. It meets the high expectations of our students and faculty, while the management features make it easy to monitor and maintain, allowing me to utilize my IT resources more efficiently."

-- Gregg Paulk, Director of Information Technologies at Anderson Center for Autism

"With Aquinas College operating as part of a wide area network (WAN), it doesn't allow us to connect directly to public Internet spaces. Taking on the challenge, SuperLumin looked at the uniqueness of our environment and trouble shot through functionality issues until coming up with modifications that enabled Nemesis to effectively work in our environment. It was refreshing to experience such high-class support where I was able to easily communicate with the actual software development engineers. I can't even recall the last time in this industry where I have been able to do that."

-- John Neumann, Network Manager at Aquinas College

"We are pleased that SuperLumin supports virtualization, since all of our customers use it and are migrating away from physical hardware. Virtualization has all of these benefits like Vmotion, so no more downtime is experienced in case of hardware failure. Also, it's more environmentally friendly to boot."

-- Frank Bezemer, Senior Consultant at Directory Concepts

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