Industries: Retail

The growth of Internet video and streaming media are impacting businesses like never before. Regardless of whether you are a service provider, an educational institution, a government agency or a retailer, SuperLumin Networks has the solution for you.


Whether you are looking to increase your in-store network performance for customers, or enhance enterprise video performance for training or sales purposes for employees, SuperLumin has the solution for you. From our SuperLumin Store Proxy to our Nemesis software, we have you covered.



The increased use of tablet devices within retail environments is evident. Whether using their own tablets or a tablet kiosk within a store, consumers are using these devices to browse visual catalogs, access product videos, download coupons, and share purchases with friends via social networking sites. With the SuperLumin Store Proxy, you can store frequently accessed rich-media content in advance, so when consumers use tablet devices in-store to retrieve content, download times are minimized and bandwidth isn’t jeopardized.


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Training employees instantaneously no matter where their location is all made possible with Nemesis. You can efficiently manage enterprise video performance for training or sales purposes for all your employees, without the hassle of bogging down your network. With its enhanced real-time monitoring alerts, ad-hoc analysis and comprehensive reporting, Nemesis lets you monitor which employees have downloaded and viewed specific training videos, thus enhancing communication and performance.


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