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Press Releases

Dayton, OH, February 7, 2012SuperLumin Networks, a leading provider of scalable, high-performance video proxy and application acceleration solutions, today announced its newest feature for Nemesis proxies—Coordinated Cache Array—at CDN Asia Summit.

An extension to the ICP protocol, the Coordinated Cache Array feature allows service providers with multiple SuperLumin Nemesis proxies to significantly enhance efficiency and performance when caching video in high-performance networks. This new capability makes it possible for all proxies within a cluster to communicate on the location and vending of content, creating a more robust video delivery system by eliminating repetitive copies of object in RAM or disk caches.

The cache array can be performance optimized to hold similar data in each cache or to hold unique data in each cache, allowing the Coordinated Cache Array to expand the number of cached objects to match the amount of memory or disk space available within each node in the array or across the array in aggregate.

“With the Coordinated Cache Array, multiple SuperLumin Nemesis proxies now can become a massive virtual cached library of rich content objects,” said Mark Ackerman, Principal Engineer at SuperLumin. “Each proxy contains non-duplicated content and shares it across the array, creating faster access to your favorite media.”

Perfect for content hosts and service providers, the Coordinated Cache Array offers several new, interesting benefits to Nemesis customers:

  • Communicates more efficiently among multiple SuperLumin proxies
  • Stores content on each proxy, and makes content available to all proxies in the array
  • Creates large, high-speed video repositories optimized for video delivery
  • Increases the amount of content vended from the cache cluster
  • Allows configuration of discrete data in each cache or fault tolerance of data across the caches
  • Permits the configuration of object redundancy (keep none, one, or more copies of an object in the array)

The Coordinated Cache Array capability comes at a time when service providers are leveraging networks to deliver IP video like never before.

To learn more about SuperLumin, call 937-220-9811 or email interested can also register for documentation and download an evaluation license on our Knowledge Center.

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SuperLumin Networks is a subsidiary company of STRATACACHE. SuperLumin Networks provides caching, content acceleration, and application acceleration solutions to leading service providers and enterprises across the globe. SuperLumin products represent state-of-the-art, award-winning technology that is flexible, manageable and affordable. For more information on SuperLumin Networks, visit, follow us on Twitter at @SuperLumin.

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