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Dayton, OH, February 15, 2011SuperLumin Networks, a leading provider of high-speed media proxy and application acceleration solutions, today announced the implementation of its SuperLumin Nemesis software at Anderson Center for Autism.

Utilizing YouTubeTM as an educational resource for students, Anderson Center for Autism needed an easily deployed solution to handle the increasing demand for Internet videos and to protect against malicious content for its 850 students, faculty and staff.

SuperLumin Nemesis’ Social Media Cache (SMC) allows the school to define Web access policies and decrease the impact of rich-media sites such as YouTube, resulting in improved application performance and heightened Web security.

“Operating as a non-profit organization, we needed a budget-friendly solution to protect our students from malicious content, while optimizing the current curriculum. Our existing Web caching solution just wasn’t getting the job done. We were maxing out our 10MB pipes, with YouTube being the number one bandwidth consumption suspect,” said Gregg Paulk, Director of Information Technologies.

During the first two months of deployment, the school noticed an immediate increase in the number of requests for YouTube videos fulfilled from the SMC. Specifically designed to distribute an object on multiple servers, YouTube and rich-media videos stored on the network are now optimized by the SMC, and available on the local network.

Currently, the school reports that YouTube is not even in the top 25 sites for bandwidth consumption.

“The Social Media Cache was easy to install, worked with our existing infrastructure, and didn’t require us to purchase additional bandwidth,” said Paulk. “It meets the high expectations of our students and faculty, while the management features make it easy to monitor and maintain, allowing me to utilize my IT resources more efficiently.”

Web applications such as YouTube use a redirection model for content distribution, which means the same Web objects often originate from a different server with a different URL. Most caches have to store a separate copy derived from each server. The SMC can determine if an object has already been retrieved from another server and vend it from the existing cache inventory. The ability to retrieve content from other servers instead of loading it every time new content is requested allowed the school to successfully overcome the enormous impact of rich-media content on its network.

To learn more about Anderson Center for Autism, read the latest case study. Or, to download a trial version of SuperLumin Nemesis, call 937-220-9811 or email us at

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About SuperLumin

SuperLumin Networks is a subsidiary company of STRATACACHE. SuperLumin Networks provides caching, content acceleration, and application acceleration solutions to enterprises across the globe. SuperLumin products represent state-of-the-art, award-winning technology that is flexible, manageable and affordable. For more information on SuperLumin Networks visit, "Like" us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

About Anderson Foundation

In 1924, Anderson began serving children with special needs in an integrated environment that addressed their educational, emotional and social needs. Today, Anderson continues this approach through three corporations: Anderson Foundation for Autism, Anderson Center for Autism and Anderson Center Services. Anderson serves more than 200 children and adults with a primary diagnosis of autism with our LIFELONG LEARNINGSM philosophy. For more information about Anderson, please visit or call 845.889.4034.



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