Products: SuperLumin Nemesis

Optimizing multimedia content, enhancing network performance, securing your network, and improving the end-user experience without expensive network build-out costs are all made possible with SuperLumin. From our world-renowned Nemesis software to our extensive line of caching appliances and the SuperLumin Retail Proxy to the SuperLumin Event Proxy, our solutions provide you with the tools necessary to keep your systems secure and users productive.

SuperLumin Nemesis

SuperLumin Nemesis, the 64-bit, next generation architecture, is the industry's leading technology for enterprises of all sizes and scopes. Nemesis takes proxy caching to a whole new level by accelerating the latest Internet and Internet-delivered video, including Microsoft Silverlight™ and Move Networks™, and managing the heaviest bandwidth applications on social media sites such as Facebook™ and YouTube™. Nemesis also has the industry's leading high-performance Netflix™ cache. Additional features include:

  • Reverse, Forward and Transparent Proxy Deployment
  • eDirectory, Generic LDAP, NTLM or RADIUS Authentication
  • Transparent Single Sign-On in eDirectory and Active Directory
  • Access Control Policies (Users, Groups, Networks)
  • Extreme Scalability (64 CPUs, 16TB Memory, 64 Disks)
  • Unrivaled Performance (100 Million Cache Objects)
  • Intuitive Web-Based Management Console
  • Remote Access and Site-to-Site VPNs
  • Full-Featured Firewall with Stateful Packet Inspection
  • Supports Version 2c of SNMP
  • Customized Error Page Support for HTTP Error Conditions
  • Reporting, Logging, Statistics and Health Monitoring
  • Real-Time Graphing (Response Times, Cache Hit Rates and CPU Utilization)
  • Custom Logging Complies with Existing Reporting and Data Mining Applications
  • Exportable MySQL Reports
  • Automatic Log File Push via FTP to Central Log Repository
  • NIC Teaming or Bonding through Management Console
  • Manages Unlimited Servers from Common Management Console
  • Download Feature to Pre-Populate the Cache
  • Policy-Based Content Filtering via ContentKeeper
  • Centralized Management and Content Distribution

Nemesis is based on a SUSE Linux platform, and is easily managed via a Web administrator or SSH session or, for large cache networks, via a centralized CDN console. To schedule a demo, contact us at 937.220.9811 or 877.857.0477. Or, visit our contact form.

The Shellshock Bug and Nemesis

Recently, it was revealed that Bash has two critical security flaws (CVE-2014-6271, now known as Shellshock, and CVE-2014-7169, now known as Aftershock) that allow for remote code execution under certain circumstances. While this bug poses a severe threat to many Linux-based systems, SuperLumin Nemesis is not susceptible. Here are the relevant vectors as identified by RedHat:

  • HTTP servers, and specifically CGI scripts
      Nemesis does not use CGI scripts for its management interface. It uses mod_php.
  • SSH, and specifically ssh users with restricted privileges
    • This vector allows a user with restricted privileges to escalate their privileges when using SSH access. All restricted users within Nemesis do not have SSH access.
  • dhclient
    • Nemesis only uses dhclient during the initial installation process. After installation is complete, Nemesis never uses dhclient again, meaning this vector is limited in scope. If your Nemesis appliance was shipped with Nemesis installed, then Nemesis was installed at our secure facility.
  • Network services which use Bash
    • Nemesis does not use any Bash network services.

We will be patching the vulnerability once it is available from upstream.