Products: Event Proxy

Optimizing multimedia content, enhancing network performance, securing your network, and improving the end-user experience without expensive network build-out costs are all made possible with SuperLumin. From our world-renowned Nemesis software to our extensive line of caching appliances and the SuperLumin Retail Proxy to the SuperLumin Event Proxy, our solutions provide you with the tools necessary to keep your systems secure and users productive.

Event Proxy

Today’s trade show and event organizers are challenged with providing efficient Internet access to thousands of attendees. With tablet devices, laptops and other devices, network usage is soaring to all new levels. As attendees simultaneously use these devices to stay in touch with operations back home, download event agendas, watch event videos and check social media accounts, network bandwidth is stressed. By storing frequently accessed content on the SuperLumin Event Proxy as attendees use their devices to retrieve content, access times are minimized and bandwidth usage reduced. Enhance your attendees’ Web browsing experience and alleviate network congestion by bringing content closer to the user with the SuperLumin Event Proxy.


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