Industries: Education

The growth of Internet video and streaming media are impacting businesses like never before. Regardless of whether you are a service provider, an educational institution, a government agency or a retailer, SuperLumin Networks has the solution for you.




As E-learning and on-demand videos become integral components of today’s K-12 educational environment, networks are challenged with delivering timely content to thousands of students simultaneously. With SuperLumin Nemesis, you can store frequently accessed videos and files locally for future retrieval, so subsequent requests are served faster, directly from your network. As a result, your students can concentrate on what they are learning—not on waiting for content from the Internet or corporate Intranet.


Colleges and Universities


With the increased use of Facebook™ and YouTube™, colleges and universities are struggling to maintain their network performance. By implementing SuperLumin Nemesis, you can manage the heaviest bandwidth applications on social media sites without slowing down other critical applications on your network. Improve your students’ learning experience and enhance productivity with Nemesis.


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